What is a Data Room Structure?

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A data room structure is a collection of tiers or folders that can be utilized to better organize documents and information so that they are more easily accessible by users. A well-organized folder for the data room structure will allow users to quickly find and read the documents they require. This will assist in speeding due diligence for any M&A or investment.

Organizing a virtual data room structure of folders requires clearly defining the boundaries between information that is crucial for a user and information which isn’t. It is important to ensure that files are uploaded in the correct format, change their names so they are simpler for users to understand and also use consistent file name throughout the platform. It is also important to limit the number of folders within the top level that contain the same subject. This will enhance the scanning process and the overall due diligence process.

It’s also important to monitor the activities of your users within your dataroom. Checking on what files are visited, by who and for how long can provide valuable insights into potential areas of concern and warning signs. This will let you modify your data room structure depending on the need, and will also allow you to monitor the interest of your users in your company. Most data room platforms offer this feature.

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