The Board Meeting Process

It is vital that a board meeting runs smoothly and that all issues are addressed. The following board meeting procedure is a guideline to ensure that the meeting proceeds according to plan and all the essential points are covered.

The chair opens the meeting by speaking about any issues of a personal or a formal nature and welcoming new members or guests to the board. A formal introduction to the board is then given and the officers are introduced.

The board receives a lot of information between meetings, typically in the form of committee reports and correspondence. Chairs should allocate time to this during the meeting, however it is important to ensure that this doesn’t hinder the discussion of more urgent issues.

After the board has analyzed the past performance, the successes and difficulties, it will move on to future strategies. This includes brainstorming ideas to help the company grow, develop and expand its market share across various departments. The board will then debate the best ways to implement these strategies, and create action items that the management team can utilize to accomplish this.

Usually the board will be discussing any new business that is brought up by the board or the executive management. The board will also go over any old business that has not been resolved. The chair will then call the meeting to end.

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