Secure Board Management

Secure board management allows you to centrally store and share important meeting materials – without risking the sensitive information in these documents via not secure channels such as email. Executives and board members are able to access all of the meeting materials they need through an exclusive portal without worrying about security issues when sharing through email or other paper documents.

Board portals are a great instrument to increase efficiency and collaboration throughout the boardroom process. However, not all technology are created equal and it is crucial for board directors with different technological competencies to choose a solution that works for them. The most effective technology is one that was designed with the input of real board members as a guide and doesn’t have too many features that aren’t often used.

Board software is a secure and simple method of working on documents. Ensure your data is protected by securing your platform with top-of-the-line encryption and security technology. Find a portal for boards with flexible permission settings as well as granular file and folder level access control. Versioning of files is automatically saved when edits are made, allowing quick restoration of files and folders in the event of accidental changes.

Work offline or online using a simple mobile app. The most important documents are just a click away and everything you do is synced in real time. Notes and ideas can be shared with a select group of people in real-time or make it private with the powerful annotation tools. Note down your notes before, after and during meetings. You can also keep track of the actions you take on a central dashboard.

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