How to Set Up a Virtual Data Room

A virtual dataroom is a safe online storage facility for sensitive corporate documents as well as information. Typically, it is used during M&A transactions as well as other business deals to share private documentation.

When selecting a VDR Look for one that matches your organizational needs. It should be easy to use and has a simple layout and navigation. It should also work with all major operating systems and browsers. The virtual data room must provide a range of options.

Once you’ve decided on a service, set up the VDR workspace by creating a primary folder and then uploading files to it. This is the most time-consuming process. It is essential to organize your folder structure and file names conventions prior to uploading. This will help your users and yourself countless hours of searching.

Then, you should think about establishing access groups. This is where you decide who can access the VDR. For example, it is recommended to create an access group that is separate for accountants and lawyers who are involved in the due diligence process. This will allow you to keep an eye on the documents each person has access to, and also prevent leaks of information.

It is essential that your chosen data management system has the ability to grant users specific permissions so that you can control what you are sharing with whom and when. You should be able limit the number of downloads, print permissions and use dynamic watermarks in order to guard against data breaches.

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