How to Pick the Best VPN

A VPN will keep your online security secure, regardless of whether you download P2P files or streaming Netflix shows. There are a myriad of options available however the most reliable VPN comes with features like fast speed and easy access. You also need strong security features so your connection stays private. And for certain types of people like journalists or political dissidents, the ability to incorporate additional tools to protect against security attacks and other threats can be essential.

Some features are standard to most VPNs, like an encryption kill switch or protocols (AES-256-CBC and ChaCha20). Other features can affect the experience. You should look for tracker blocking software and settings that let you customize your experience and also choose the amount of data is protected.

The number of servers and their locations in the world are also crucial aspects to consider when selecting a VPN. The closer a server’s location is to you, the faster your connections will be.

Check which devices are supported by the service. Certain VPNs provide apps for different platforms, while others provide browser extensions and router software to connect your entire house to one VPN. NordVPN offers a range of security features including split tunneling, a kill switch and other top-notch security features. Plus, it uses only RAM-based servers and isn’t involved in any ‘Five Eyes or ‘Nine eye jurisdictions, which makes it a great option for privacy-conscious users.

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